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New WBS Steelguitar in the family.

S-10 WBS Steelguitar  E9 tuning switchable to C6

New old amp

Bought an old used rare japanese ZOOM AIDEAN Solid state amp.

Love it !

Deep warm low tones and brilliant fast high tones like a Fender Twin amp.

Really tube like tone.

The amp is light and the price was almost a gift ;-)


Equipment Zuwachs

Ich bin sehr happy diese seltenen Boxen endlich gefunden zu haben.

Ein guter Steelkollege und Freund hat sie mir in sehr gepflegtem Neuzustand verkauft !


Wenn kleines Equipment gefragt ist, betreibe ich die Peavey E112 Box mit dem Gallien & Krueger MB200 Bassamp. Gutes Ergebnis.


Mono oder Stereo

Mit der richtigen Endstufe betrieben, klingen diese Boxen traumhaft.

Hello Steelplayers,


Most I play a

ZUM Pedalsteelguitar

built in USA in the late 80's.

Doubleneck E9/C6

Setup: 8 Footpedals, 8 Kneelevers


Easy action, good sounding, high quality instrument










Peavey MX VTX Series Combo

Peavey Nashville 112

Peavey Session 400 Limited

Peavey Nashville 1000

Peavey DPC Poweramp

Peavey Nashville 400 Combo      (1x15"Speaker)

Peavey Session 500 Combo         (1x15"Speaker)

Evans SE 200 Combo                   (1x10"Speaker)

MB 200 Gallien Krueger



2018: I'm interested in Little Walter Tube amps. Will check these out a.s.a.p.




Mesa Boogie Studio tube Preamp 

Behringer tube preamp

ART DST Eighty/Eighty Stereo-Poweramp Tubeamp with great Multieffects

Korg Pandora PX4 und PX4D




Peavey E112 Cabinets 1x12

Evans Cabinet 1x15" 

Cush Cabinets left/right, 15" Speaker 

Thomann Stereocabinet 2x12" Cabinet




Rat Stompbox and some others

Since couple years I play over an Peavey guitar stereo amplifire called "Peavey Transfex Pro 212".
In my opinion..this thing is a secret.
I love the sound from this heavy monster.


Full programmable Transtube Pre amp,
Stereo Transtube power Amp,
24-bit Digital Stereo FX processor,
Dual 12" Combo Speaker Enclosure
90 Watt 8 Ohm per side
130 Watt 4 Ohm per side

Quelle: Gitarre & Bass 10/97

"Der TransFex Pro 212s basiert auf purer Halbleitertechnologie, sein Herz ist die programmierbare TransFex-Vorstufe mit integriertem Multieffekt-Prozessor, die hinsichtlich Features, Aufbau und Bedienung zu 99 % dem Peavey TubeFex entspricht. Da wir das 19"-Gerät und dessen umfangreiche Möglichkeiten schon in G&B Ausgabe 03/97 ausgiebig unter die Lupe genommen haben, möchte ich an dieser Stelle nur noch auf Unterschiede eingehen. Während im TubeFex zwei 12AX7-Röhren maßgeblich an der Klangformung beteiligt sind, sucht man solche im TransFex vergebens. Hier setzt der amerikanische Hersteller also voll auf Röhrensimulation. Auch die Stereo-Endstufe des TransFex basiert auf der TransTube-Schaltung. Zusätzlich zur äußerst variabel einsetzbaren Stereo-FX-Loop steht mit Preamp-Out-L/R und Power-Amp-In-L/R eine weitere „Schnittstelle" zur Direktabnahme, als weitere Stereo-Loop o. ä. zur Verfügung"

Also in front of the amp I use is a very small Effect-unit Pandora PX 4D. Great for studio and live situations. You can add organ/leslie sounds, spacy sounds or use it for simple reverb, delay, chorus/pitch, synthesizer, compression, tremolo, Filter, Speakersimulation things.
This unit can also be an life saver if you have no amp no effects with you. I can pitch, tune, sample, great for practice, play with tracks and many more..


For very small gigs and difficult flight situations , I use follow light equipment:


SGI Steelguitar (japan Fuzzy Exel) 

Singleneck E9 Woodneck and aluminium

Setup: 3 Footpedals, 4 Kneelevers


SGI Steelguitar (japan Fuzzy-Exel)

Doubleneck E9/C6 Woodneck and aluminium

Setup: 8 Footpedals, 4 Kneelever


Evans SE200 Very light powerful and a warm, big sound.

Peavey Nashville 400  great amp

Peavey Session 500

Peavey Transfex Pro 212 Stereo Combo

Peavey Transfex Pro 212 Head

ART 80/80

Peavey 208 small and light Stereo Amp

ELK 30, Watt Amp

Diverse Slide Instrumente

JCH Steelguitar

Doubleneck E9/C6

Setup: 10 Footpedals, 9/10 Kneelevers


Also I own a collector-piece of history instrument:

The orig. John Hughey Steelguitar.

John played worked with many famous People like Conway Twitty, Vince Gill..

He used this instruments for many famous recordings like Vince Gill-"Pocket full of gold" album for example Song "Look at us" and many others.

He played the JCH steelguitar on tour for Vince many Years. I got a copy with Vince and John and the JCH Steelguitar live from Austin City Limits.

My JCH is build about 1970. It was one of the first guitars Jimmy Crawford and John Hughey started the production together most out of Emmons steel Parts as Jimmy and John told me.

A guitarplayer and good friend Juergen Hoffmann lent me the old legend Peavey Session 500 Steelamp. Thanks Juergen :-)
Great an a huge sweet ton over a 15" JBL (not original) Speaker. A lot of power with build in phase and Distortionsound. Nice to have this amp too for different situations.


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